Power of intention

power of Intention

Have you ever thought that what drives you? You are highly motivated to do something but your negative feelings drive you in opposite direction. You want to plan a project which guarantees your bright future but your thoughts get dispersed leading you nowhere. You want to drive the boat of your life in a single direction but it is being drifted by the unknown forces working inside you, in the direction you do not want to move in, making no regular pattern in your life. The end results are wastage of energies and time. It seems you have no control over yourselves.

Embarrassment is increasing with the passage of time. If you look inward and do a lot of soul-searching work to answer the question what drives you. Your answer will be, “our feelings and thoughts are driving us”. But which force is shaping your feelings and thoughts. Is it possible to control this force? My answer is “yes”. This is the force of your intention which is under your conscious control.

. But how intentions are the sole power to drive you and how this power can be used to redesign the overall picture of your life. Let me explain it in detail. Once you intend to do something, your thought-process involves in accomplishing the intended task.

All the bio chemical processes assist your mind in doing that task. Your intentions plus changed bio chemical processes mold your sub conscious mind in the way you intend to. Change in sub conscious mind affects your feelings, as feelings emerge from it. Feelings affect thought pattern. In this way you can change your feelings and thought process by changing your intentions. If you intend to do a positive thing it changes your feelings and thoughts in a positive way.

You feel positive energy in life. On the other hand when you intend to do a negative thing, it has adverse effect on your feelings and thoughts. It shifts you to a negative zone. You feel disgusted and with pent-up feelings as negative energy is passing through your mind. It means your feelings and thoughts, apparently out of your control, are under the control of your intentions which are under your conscious mind. So your life is all about what you intend to do and how you use this power of intention. Hence understanding the intentions and applying the power of intention play the most important role in your life making it positive and progressive.

Following tips and tricks will help you improve your power of intention and how to use this power to make your life successful.

  1. Intend to do positive things. Avoid negative intentions.
  2. Make your intentions as strong and clear as possible.
  3. Keep focus on the things you intend to do.
  4. Improve your decision making power and wisdom level.
  5. Follow your intentions with perseverance and dedication to move forward.


Your intentions are the true driver of you. You are gradually drifted towards what you intend to do in life. Power of intention transforms all of your feelings and thoughts in such a way that chances of success are multiplied. So there is a direct relation between your intentions and success. Keep in mind that intentions are under your conscious control. Hence make sure your intentions are clear, strong and positive to make overall progress in life.

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1 : Be at place where you can concentrate.
2 : Avoid using calculator.
3 : Keep vigilant eye on timer.
4 : You can not skip any question.
5 : Think as fast as you can.
6 : There is no negative score.

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Twice of what is equal to thrice of 18?

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Sum and difference of 2 unknown digits are multiplied. If the resultant is 27, what is the value of larger digit.

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Work hard _____ you should fail.

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When 3 is multiplied with average of 12 and 18, the resultant is

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