Brain Power : Quick ways on how to enhance your mental power

techniques to unleash brain-mind improvement

Healthy brain, healthy mind

Makes a man happy and kind

Brain-mind fitness plays central role in our life achievements. Both are separate but inseparable. This entwined nature of brain and mind has become a great mystery of this universe. The more answers we find about the nature, relation and functioning of brain and mind, the more questions we have to be answered. No one has yet claimed to touch the fathom of this ocean whose banks are brain and mind. The only thing that can be proved with certain facts is that both are inter-dependent and move side by side.

So if you want to improve yourself you must work in both domains. In this way you will feel yourself uplifted and improved. Here is a strategy to grow both brain and mind stronger and stronger to unlock the power of your mind.

Techniques to grow a stronger brain

1. Stop brain shrinking process

Medical science has ample evidences to prove that brain shrinks with the aging. This shrinking of brain affects its functioning and health. So any technique which stops or at least minimizes this brain shrinking process will enhance brain health and processing. Following steps will be helpful to stop your brain shrinking.

  • Grow your brain muscles stronger with balance diet and regular exercise.
  • Get your brain cells afresh and energized by proper sleep.

2. Guided breathing and guided blood circulation

25-30% of the oxygen we inhale and same amount of diet we take is consumed by our brain. So never compromise over your brain feeding. Apply guided breathing and guided blood circulation techniques to increase the flow of blood, full of oxygen and nutrients, to your brain. Imagination is very helpful in this task.

3. Brain therapy

Muscle relaxation is the basic principle to grow your brain stronger. So adopt brain therapy techniques to get your brain muscles stronger and relaxed. We suggest you:-

  • Oil massage therapy at least once in a week.
  • Hydro-therapy at least once in a day. For this you should feel your brain relaxed while showering.

Techniques to develop a stronger mind

1. Reprogramming of your mind

First thing you need to change your mind is to get rid of the ideas that stop you doing so. So be strong enough to swirl the first wave of change in your mind. You just need to throw the first stone of change into the pool of mind. Ripple effect of mind will multiply this change to start a chain-reaction for complete revolution in your life. Following steps are suggested for reprogramming of your mind

  • Absorb positive energy and repel the negative one.
  • Dive deeper and deeper into your inner.
  • Adopt mind-mapping technique to solve your daily life problems.
  • Apply holistic approach to your life long aim.

2. Tapping the sub-conscious mind

Stay at criss-cross of conscious and sub-conscious mind for a while before going to sleep. Start moving from your conscious mind to sub-conscious mind and go as deeper as you can while focusing the topic of your interest. It will extend the circle of your conscious mind. Deal with mind puzzled content to maximize its results.

3. Mind stretching technique

Never get depressed over anything. Consider yourself beyond the things that make you depressed. You deserve beyond your expectations and thoughts. So think bigger and bigger but be smart and simple in your approach. Fly higher than ever you thought, swim deeper than ever you imagined. It will stretch your mind beyond its limitations.


Synchronization of brain and mind will give you results beyond your expectations. So grow both brain and mind stronger and stronger to translate your life-long dream into reality. A strong mind protects the brain and a strong brain guarantees a healthy mind.


  1. Human mind is, undoubtedly, source of unlimited potential that is , still, going untapped due to lack of practices to develop it. great content !


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