Vision : Meaning, definition and importance of vision in life


By: Abid Bazmi

Vision enables us to see the future events in a sequence as they happen and makes us aware of their results. In this way vision serves as a guiding pillar in our life.

Have you ever thought that what is the purpose of your life? If you have, what that purpose is? Is it source of happiness for you or its memories make you sad with upset feelings?   If its memories put your feelings in negative zone, you are still living a purposeless and aimless life. In this case you need to draw your vision statement and put it on a board called vision board.

Literal meanings of vision are : the ability to see : sight : something we imagine : mental picture or something we dream of. Oxford dictionary defines vision as the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination and wisdom. Having a vision in life means we have a clear sense of purpose. We have a much larger picture of what we are doing in our life rather than setting and achieving short-term goals. Here is the comprehensive definition of vision in life.

Vision is the ultimate target we want to achieve. It may be life-long or for a specific period of our life.


Importance of vision in life

Having vision of life is the most important secret to success. There are many advantages of  having a strong and clear vision for life. Here are the top 10 benefits of vision to understand the importance of vision in life.

1. Vision gives us a clear direction of life

If you are driving a car but don’t know where to go, you will keep on driving in a circle aimlessly and without destination. In this way you will be going to nowhere. You will be just like a sheep lost in a jungle wandering here and there but finding no way out of this jungle.

On the other hand if you are told where to go, you can easily reach your destination. Same is true about vision. Vision gives you a clear direction of your life. You move in the direction your vision guides you to. In this way a lot of energy can be saved which is used when someone has no vision in life.

2. Vision makes our life meaningful and purposeful

If you are moving towards a destination in your mind but you don’t know what to do there. Meanwhile you reach there, you will feel embarrassed as meaningless and aimless life is a source of negative feelings which make you upset. On the other hand vision makes your life meaningful and purposeful. So it is a source of happiness and self-satisfaction as it gives a purpose for what you are doing.

3. Vision is a source of mission of our life

Mission is the strategy you adopt to accomplish your vision. In this way mission is a mean and vision is the end to that mean. Once you foresee the clear destination in your mind, it channelizes your energies to that direction. You find different ways to reach that point. You can draw alternative paths leading to same point.

You can evaluate the circumstances and resistances on every path. So choosing the best one will be safe and secure path for you. All this is possible with clear vision in mind.

4. Vision keeps us motivated and energetic in life

Vision provides us driving forces compelling towards a specific direction. It enhances working potential. We can measure our performance with the sources consumed. A clear vision ensures us what kind of targets we want to achieve. In this way vision is a constant source of motivation.

5. Vision increases power of  creativity

Vision accelerates our power of creativity. All the scientific inventions once were mere a thought in one’s head. Einstein found the theory of relativity by walking on the sun beam to reach the universe.

Einstein said, “Logic will get you from A to B. imagination will take you everywhere.”

Vision unleashes the power of creativity.

6. Vision keeps us  relaxed during tough-time in life

Moving towards right direction keeps you relaxed and satisfied. If you have travelled a long distance and come to know that you are moving in a wrong direction it makes you embarrassed and with upset feelings. Vision keeps you relaxed and satisfied as you are seeing the clear direction and destination with your mind.

7. Vision improves our time management skills

Vision guides you which activities are worthful and which are irrelevant to your life long plan. It makes you smarter in approach. Time is the most precious thing we have. So, best utilization of time is the secret of all the great men of history. Vision guides you which activities are important and otherwise. In this way vision improves your time management skills. Right things are done at right time which is a key to success.

8. Vision makes us stronger and steadfast

Clarity of mind makes you satisfied. Your confidence remains up and you feel inner strength. Vision helps you find the purpose of your life. After finding the purpose of life, vision remains at top priority. Everything other than this becomes secondary. It gives you strength of character and feel-good-factor in life.

9. Vision increases our chances of success in life

Success depends upon motivational level, clarity of mind and continuous effort. Vision keeps all these things high. So vision increases chances of success. The more your vision is vivid, the higher your chances of success are. All the successful men of history were visionary in approach. For example, if you want to become a basketball player, you must be clear in your vision. Do the things which support you in your target achievement. It will multiply your chances of success.

10. Vision transforms us into a great leader

One common factor present in all the great leaders of history is they all had a clear vision of what they were fighting for. Vision gives you all those things necessary for the nourishment of a great leader. Having a clear vision is the foremost thing required for you to be a great leader. Imagination is the key to all locks. So vision gives you potential and increases your chances of success. And this thing makes you a great leader.


Vision serves as a bridge between you and your dream land. You can easily reach your destination by following the line drawn by your vision in life.

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