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Global IQ Test

Challenge your mind and know what your IQ score says. Take our free IQ test with instant results and recommendations to boost your IQ score.

Global EQ Test

Take our globally well-known cultural free EQ test to know your emotional intelligence score. Find universally acceptable results and free tips on how to become an emotional genius.

Global Academic Test

Test your knowledge in the field of science, English, basic mathematics and general knowledge. Our tests will help you get excellent score to find your dream-job. Find free tips to improve your general abilities and academic score.

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Global Intelligence Test

Global Intelligence Test is the world's most popular online intelligence test free. It has three levels to measure your mental potential at 90, 180, and 360 degrees respectively.

Global Genius Test

Global Genius Tests designed by global intelligentsia are standard online intelligence tests that are equally popular across the globe.

Global Genius Award

Global Genius Award is an online competition among talented people across the globe. This Award is conducted online by Global Intelligentsia. Members of Global Genius Forum can participate in this competition.

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