Three Ts of management

Three ts of management

By: Abid Bazmi

These three Ts of management provide a checklist for making sure that you are heading towards a right direction whether you are leading an industrial project or running an institution.

Management is involved in all aspects of our life. It starts from self-management and ends at top managing post of an organization. In our daily activities we are to manage some constraints regardless we are at home, office and in the field. People with high managerial skills enjoy good status in any organization with respect to perks and privileges.

All the great leaders of history were great managers of their time. Improving managerial skills is the core area of training in any organization to make it progressive and competent. Improving your management skills means you are multiplying your chances of success.

This article will help you improve your management skills in every walk of life so that you may increase your success rate. Our strategy to improve managerial skills revolves around three fundamental factors of management. These are time, talent and treasure.

These three Ts of management provide a checklist for making sure that you are heading towards a right direction whether you are leading an industrial project or running an institution.

1. Time management

Time is the most precious gift you can give your dear ones. To complete a task within given time is the utmost desire of managers to achieve the vision of their organization. Improving time management skills will increase your chances of success. Following are the tips and   tricks to improve time management skills.

Tips to improve time management skills

  • Live every moment of life purposeful and target oriented.
  • Start any project keeping the end in mind.
  • Divide your project into chunks and assign a time-span to every chunk separately.
  • Focus the core areas of your project and don’t waste your time in doing irrelevant and worthless activities.
  • Improve your performance and effectiveness to complete a task within assigned time.

2. Talent management

Management is the job of smart minds. Hunting the best talented workers, polishing their talent and put them into actions is the main concern of top leading organizations across the globe. This is the age of machines where mental work is preferred over the physical one.

Understanding the modern trends of talent management will accelerate your performance and put you in your dream job. Following are the techniques and methods to increase your talent management skills.

Tips to increase talent management skills

  • Trace the best natural talent within yourself and in your workers.
  • Polish the hunted talent on modern lines.
  • Apply the principle of right person for right job to maximize your end results.
  • Give special focus on mental fitness of your workers.
  • Try to bridge the gap between theory and practice with the best possible exposure.

3. Treasure management

To produce maximum outputs with minimum utilization of available resources is the main indicator of management skills. Leading a project with best economic options is a plus factor in your promotion when you are working as a project manager. Following are the best ways and means to enhance treasure management skills.

Tips to enhance treasure management skills

  • Prepare your budget before executing a project.
  • Control line losses and irrelevant consumption of available budget.
  • Allocate different budget for different chunks of a project.
  • Strictly monitor the consumption of budget to avoid corruption.
  • Manage the sequence of events. Put first thing first.


Time, talent and treasure are the three most important factors shaping the future of an individual or a nation. Managing these three factors is the core area of management which is directly linked to your success. Three Ts of management is a general formula of management with robust applications ranging from personal management to personnel management in any organization.


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