Bipolar Disorder : Major reasons and remedies



When a beam of light is scattered at 360˚, we can get nothing out of it. Same is true with a polarized mind.

Polarization is a psychological disorder in which one lacks clarity of mind, faces dispersed thought-pattern, has poor decision power and finds no direction in life to move independently. Such a man needs psychological assistance to come out of this situation otherwise it may lead to suicide because of hopelessness and negative thinking.

So take it serious and try to cure it at very initial stage however little sign you feel otherwise you will be on losing end as it becomes irreversible with the passage of time. Remedies of polarization of mind are workable only when its reasons are sorted out. Here is an explanation of its reasons and remedies.

Reasons behind a polarized mind

1. Depression

Depression is the most important reason behind a polarized mind. Depression affects working potential of mind, decreases blood circulation to brain and makes your nervous system over-all paralyzed.

2.  Multi-tasking approach

Modern man looks busy day and night chasing the materialistic targets of his life. Most of us apply multi-tasking approach to maximize our gains. But we don’t know multi-tasking decreases our working potential. So we become less productive. For example, a man is reading a good book while watching TV. He is doing nothing except making his mind polarized.

3. Volatile mind

Hypertension, over excitement and over enjoyment makes your mind volatile which disturbs the power of mind.

4. Poor decision power

Poor decision power means we cannot choose one out of options available in our life. It leads to polarization of mind.

5.  Lack of clarity of mind

Lack of clarity of mind puts you in a fix between dos and don’ts.

6.  Imbalanced life style

Disturbed sleep pattern, lack of exercise and junk food change your brain chemistry which alters your thought- pattern and leads to polarization of mind.

7. Over-thinking

Over-thinking often leads you nowhere.

8. Lack of harmony

Lack of harmony among your physical, mental and spiritual domains causes polarization of mind.

9. Social imbalance

Isolation, imbalance in social relations and unfulfilled psychological needs in life are the main causes behind a polarized mind.

10. Denial attitude

Polarization of mind gets severe when most of us deny its symptoms at initial stage.

Remedies for a polarized mind

1. Accepting attitude

The most important remedy for a polarized mind is to accept that problem exists. All other remedies work only when we accept the situation and take it serious.

2.  Reverse engineering approach

Trace the root causes and apply backward solving techniques to eliminate these roots.

3. Flexible mind

Be flexible in your life. Be open to change, new things and innovation. It will make your mind afresh and un-polarized.

4. Technique to unwind

Our daily routine uploads tension on our nerves which become winded after a long time. Apply techniques to unwind your body, mind and soul on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

5. Improve your consciousness

Polarization of mind blocks our consciousness. So solution lies towards its opposite end.

6. Live in present only

Forgetting the past, no fear of future is the best principle of life. Be in the moment you are living in. it will maximize your potential.

7. Balanced life style

Excess of everything is bad and absence of anything is a missing-link in your life. Create a balance among different domains of life.

8. Clarity of mind

Improve your decision power and never regret over your past. Keep in mind that great people never take right decisions, they take the decisions and make them right.

9. Do catharsis

Catharsis is the best remedy for polarized mind, meditation, prayers and affirmations are helpful in catharsis.

10. Get new version of yourself

Be strong enough, go against your beliefs and ideas to get a new version of yourself. This new version of you will be with an un-polarized mind.


Polarization of mind is the main hindrance on the way to tap full potential of your mind. It is a slow poisoning death to your consciousness. Take it as your enemy No.1. Apply “nip the evil in the bud” principle to cure it. This is the way you can harness your full potential.


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Abid Bazmi is a motivational speaker, educationist, trainer and globally known human affairs analyst. Click here to visit his personal blog.


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