How to gain wisdom : 10 Simple ways to increase wisdom

open the door of wisdom

The best way how to gain wisdom is to uplift yourself in the realm of decision-making so that you may best understand the nature and behavior of things, people and events.

Wisdom is one step higher than knowledge. It is the application of knowledge, experience and intellect together in explaining the unzipping events of future so that positive goal can be attained. In this way, your success rate is directly related to how much wisdom do you have?. So jumping from the lower rung of ladder of wisdom to the higher one, means you are multiplying the chances of success.

10 Simple but effective ways to gain wisdom

Any method, strategy and technique which helps you improve your decision-making power will put you in top-slots of wisdom. Following  are the 10 quick, simple but effective ways to gain more wisdom.

  1. Take pain as a source of wisdom

Human sufferings, pain and mental agony are the best source of wisdom. Here is the strong logic behind mental pangs to be cause of wisdom gaining.

Human beings are called rational animals because of their consciousness. This consciousness is the main source of wisdom. The higher consciousness, the higher level of  wisdom. On the other hand, we feel mental pain due to our consciousness. The higher sensitivity to pain, the higher consciousness.

So pain is the cause of our consciousness and wisdom is the effect of consciousness. In other words, pain is the source of wisdom. Crux is, step out of your comfort zone and start enjoying your pain as a source of wisdom. It will help you a lot on your way how to get oceans of wisdom. Achieving higher level of wisdom will bring true happiness in life.

2. Learn to unlearn to increase wisdom

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.Socrates

Learning is a continuous process and a major key how to attain higher wisdom. While learning, sometimes, we learn unwanted things which need be un-learnt. If we don’t unlearn them, they put hindrance to further learning. In this way our learning stops, meaning we are unable to obtain more wisdom. So we need to keep our learning-journey as long as we can to make our life prosperous, progressive, meaningful and wisdom-full. Here is a good example to clarify my stance under moot. One of my friends who didn’t know how to drive a car, bought a brand-new car of his own. He wanted to learn how to drive a car. Instead of joining a driving-school he started learning car-driving on his own. On 5th day his bad luck, he met with an accident while driving his new car. He got many wounds and one rib-bone broken. It took almost 60 days to recover and heal up. This car-accident affected his mind in many ways. He could not learn driving for the next 3 years because of the fear he learnt out of this accident. After 3 years he visited a consultant psychologist. This psychologist helped him in learning car-driving. He first urlearnt the fear learnt by accident. Within next 3 weeks he started driving successfully. These days, he has a passion of long-drive. Sometimes, we need to unlearn to make learning at advanced level. So learn to unlearn as it helps us a lot how to increase wisdom.

Chines philosopher Lao Tzu advised;“To attain knowledge, add things every day. To attain wisdom, remove things every day.”

3. Enhance power of intuition to get life-long wisdom

Wisdom is the intuitive knowledge you apply to understand future-events of your life by remote-sensing technique. So increasing your power of intuition will increase your level of wisdom. Apply imagination technique to sharpen your 3rd eye and 6th sense to enhance power of intuition. It will help you a lot on your way how to get oceans of wisdom. Pineal gland activation is the best way to knock at the door of wisdom. Do meditation on daily basis. Spare half an hour to sit quiet in a silent corner. Apply self-searching and know yourself 1st techniques to optimize the results. Your intuitive knowledge will guide you  better how to become wiser and smarter. Here Francis Bacon is right in saying:-

“Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom.”

4. Apply 360° thinking tool to become wiser and smarter

Wisdom is often observed in the realm of decision making. Think of 360° aspects of a decision before putting it into action. Take everything as a challenge and put your utmost effort to meet that challenge. It will broaden your mind in all aspects. You can challenge the way you think so that you may take right decision at right time. It will help you on the way how to attain more wisdom. Practice online IQ testing and brain teasers to enhance mental speed and clarity. It will make you able to think at different angles as per challenge. Habits of fast and clear thinking will lead you the path of attaining highest level of wisdom.

5. Put wisdom into practice to gain more wisdom

Putting wisdom into practice is one of the secrets how to get wiser and smarter. You can practice your wisdom in such a ways.

  • Think before acting. It will improve your abstract thinking which is a key to enhance wisdom.
  • Do not fear of mistakes in life. Mistakes make you mature enough and prove guiding pillars in future.
  • Share your wisdom with others. It will increase your wisdom.

6. Improve emotional and mental well-being

Wisdom is affected by emotional and mental well-being. So improving emotional and mental well-being improves your wisdom. You can take following steps to improve your emotional and mental well-being.

  • Enrich yourself with education. Read as much as you can. It will improve your cognitive process which is a door to wisdom.
  • Have a company with wise people. It will give you best chance to nurture your wisdom.
  • Practice forgiveness. It will be a catharsis for your pent-up feelings and negative energy. Purging of negative feelings is the best and fastest way to attain wisdom.

7. Be open-minded to open the door of wisdom

Being open-minded is the best strategy to unlock the door of wisdom. Open-minded people accept positive criticism in a constructive way. They are open to new opinions and suggestions. In this way they learn maximum from others. Talking to people you don’t know will assist you increase wisdom. So open-mindedness will open the door of wisdom. It will gradually transform you into wiser and smarter.

8. Stand up for your values

“Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.”Thomas Jefferson

Never look down the values you are living with. Be confident with what you believe in. Be honest and morally sound enough. It will help you gain wisdom. Don’t be over-judgemental while talking to others. Try to empathize the situation. It will broaden the spectrum of your thinking and enhance wisdom in every sphere of life.

9. Harmonize your left and right hemispheres to get wiser

Brain is divided into left and right hemispheres.Left hemisphere is the seat of logical and rational thinking whereas intuitive power emerges from right hemisphere. A man with higher reasoning power and  great intuition is considered to be wiser and smarter. So getting both left and right hemispheres harmonized, synchronizes the process of mind. It helps you a lot on the way how to become wiser and smarter.

10. Follow the law of nature to attain wisdom

Last but not least, one of the best ways to gain wisdom is to be universal in approach and natural in nature. Whenever you feel yourself in a fix about the decision of an important matter of your life, try to stand as close to the nature as possible. Trust me it will give you positive results. Every time when you are following the laws of nature, you are moving upward on the ladder of wisdom.


Your success rate depends upon how much wise decisions you take in your life. Wise decisions are the outcome of how do you apply your knowledge, experience and intellect together. So gaining wisdom means you are multiplying your chances of success.


  1. Amazing post. It is easy to understand how to apply suggested tips to open the door of wisdom. Keep up writing such a unique and precious content for wisdom lovers. Thanks

  2. “Take pain as a source of wisdom” is the bitter reality of human agonies. Painful moments teach you more than you were taught in school. Waiting for next post about wisdom enhancement. Have a nice day


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