Emotional Intelligence Test

Global EQ test or Global Emotional intelligence test designed by Global Intelligentsia is the world’s most reliable online emotional intelligence test which will analyze you in 10 different areas to have a complete analysis of your emotional personality. Answer the following questions to know what your EQ score says.

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Global EQ Test

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As per your actions, you are

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I can read other’s emotions.

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I can’t concentrate on my work when feel depressed.

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You fall in which age group?

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Up to which extent do you like self-talking?

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Would that I were a ____ .

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I think people can’t understand me and never will be

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I can conceal my emotions.

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Which statement attracts you the most.

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Select your gender.

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When do you regret?

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How much do you follow the traditions?

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I can easily separate my emotions from the situation I am facing.

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How much do you believe in materialism?

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I love working.

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I think life is a compromise.

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Select your age group

18 / 22

Happiness is the thing I have always been searching for.

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Are you happy right-now?

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What drives you.

21 / 22

I belong to

22 / 22

I am proud of what I am

Get free results and recommendations to improve your emotional intelligence. Recommended for students, job-seekers, and people who want to improve leadership qualities. Millions of people across the globe have tested their personalities by this most-sought online Global EQ Test.

What is emotional intelligence test?

EQ stands for emotional quotient. It is the measurement of one’s emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the ability of an individual to understand his own emotions and that of others to perform better in a social environment. Emotionally intelligent people prove themselves better leaders in all walks of life. That’s why EQ testing is a must-process in all leading organizations while recruiting new employees. It helps to increase your chances of success, promotion, and target-achievement regardless of whether you are working in a public organization or running a private business of your own.

Components of emotional intelligence:

EQ testing is the measure of the following 5 components of emotional intelligence:
A: Self-awareness
B: Self-management
C: Social skills
D: Motivation
E: Empathy

Difference between IQ and EQ test:

IQ stands for intelligence quotient whereas EQ is the abbreviation of emotional quotient. IQ testing is used to measure an individual’s problem-solving skills, memory power, basic mathematical skills, and pattern recognition ability. EQ testing is used to gauge one’s ability to recognize and manage one’s own emotions and that of others to get a balance in social life. Higher IQ helps you to perform better in academic achievement whereas higher EQ means you have good leadership qualities to lead a team.
EQ+IQ = Success.

What is the Global EQ test?

Global EQ Test designed by Global Intelligentsia is an online EQ test that has been prepared by a team of global researchers and psychologists for the purpose of online free EQ testing across the globe. To make it valid and suitable for all nations, professions, and people, our experts worked hard to remove different flaws commonly found in other EQ tests available online. Individual differences based on cultural, religious, educational, social, and ethnic backgrounds have been specifically addressed in this test to make its results and recommendations universally acceptable across the world. So you can test your emotional intelligence by solving this EQ test online free regardless of your race, ethnicity, educational and cultural background.

Why Global EQ Test?

Global EQ test has won the trust of millions of people across the world. Here are the obvious reasons why the Global EQ Test by Global Intelligentsia must be your #01 choice for online eq testing.

1: Free

Global EQ Test is delivered to you free of charge with instant results of your emotional quotient(EQ). You can access this online EQ quiz without registration.

2: Reliable

This EQ test has been prepared by a team of researchers in the light of Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence Theory. So the results of your emotional personality derived from this EQ quiz are the most reliable and valid for your personal as well as professional growth. Millions of people across the globe have trust in the results of this online EQ test every month.

3: Comprehensive

Global EQ quiz provides scores across 4 quadrants of your emotional personality rather than fetching results from a single dimension. These quadrants are

  • A: Self-awareness: Recognition of your own emotions, needs, desires, and feelings.
  • B: Self-management: Regulation of self-control as per situation when and how to react.
  • C: Social-awareness: Reading the emotions, feelings, and hidden desires of others.
  • D: Social-management: Molding the other’s emotions and behaviors towards desired directions for the completion of the task you are assigned.

Our EQ test diagnoses your personality across all these quadrants to find your strengths and the areas you need to improve.

4: Cultural-free

One of the main reasons why this Global EQ test is so popular across the world is the results of this EQ test are cultural-free. Our researchers worked hard to make it universal in nature so that its validity would not be challenged across any corner of this planet.

5: Free recommendations

At the end of this quiz, you will find your results with free recommendations from our experts. These recommendations will definitely help you a lot in improving your emotional intelligence in every walk of life. In this way, this test will help you to become an emotional genius.

6: Leadership-focused

Improving the leadership qualities of employees is the main concern of all organizations regardless of their nature and size. Global EQ test by Global Intelligentsia has been prepared with a special focus on global leadership enhancement. This test is the best option for all those who want to improve their leadership qualities. This EQ test will help you to become an emotionally intelligent leader.

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