Life changing thoughts

Life changing thoughts

By: Abid Bazmi

Are you happy with your life? If your answer is “yes” stop reading this article. Congratulations! You are living a life of your dreams.

If your answer is a big “No” let us walk together to explore the way how we can change this “No” into “Yes.”

Fundamental principle of this magic of change is, you have to believe that you can change your life plus you will start this journey of change by changing your thoughts. Once you change your thoughts the world around you starts changing.

Revolutionary winds make you fly higher and higher. Your destiny kisses your feet. You can touch the sky. Sunrays multiply your shine and glow to get you at prominent position among the stars. You feel yourself the center of your world.

On the other hand, if you remain unable to change your thoughts, loneliness, gloominess and negativity will surround you. Self-hatred and sadness will paint the picture of your life. Everything will be out of your control.

The bottom line is, life is all about how we feel it and our thoughts are the main contributor to our feelings. So changing our thoughts means we are changing our feelings. This is the way how we can change this “No” into “Yes”.

This article explains life changing thoughts and the way how to apply these thoughts to revolutionize your world. Following tips and tricks will help you change your thoughts to change your world.

  • First thing you need to change is, to strongly believe that you can change your thoughts. Be strong enough and flexible to accept the change whenever and where-ever is needed. Your world starts from you and ends at you. So don’t waste your time, money and energy in exploring the world around you. Dive deeper and deeper into your inner-self to blow the wind of revolution.
  • Think of positive things only. Stop negative thinking and disturbing voices within your-self. It will boost up your energy level and enhance your potential to control your affairs. Think of your blessings and strengths rather than being upset over the sorry state of affairs around you.
  • Take care of yourself. Your body is your temple. Keep it neat and clean. Feed it properly and regard your self-esteem. Show gratitude and thankfulness to your strengths. It will keep your mood in a positive zone. As a reward you will feel internal strength and enhanced mental potential. It will help you improve your self-image.
  • Meditate to feed your soul properly. Get yourself disconnected from the world around you and have a peaceful session of meditation. It will improve your spiritual strength which is a key pillar of your personality. Meditation enhances physical and mental strength too.
  • Let your inner child play and live childishly. Children are innocent. They soon forget clashes with play-mates and start playing together again. That’s why children have more healing power then adults. Like children, take less care of affairs outside your world. Don’t advise someone until it is asked for.
  • Make your intentions clear and stronger. Don’t say like “I should, ought to or may change myself.” Use strong and positive affirmations like “I am going to change myself, I can change myself or I will change myself.” Your intentions are true driver of your thoughts and feelings. So make your intentions clear about what you are dreaming of. It is the first step of change you want to bring about in your life.


If you are unhappy and feel disgusted in your life stop exploring happiness in the world around you. You need to change yourself as life is all about how you are knitting its net in your thoughts. So changing thought pattern will bring about a complete revolution in your life. Enjoy our recipe of life changing thoughts to taste the true meanings of success in your life.

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