How to build confidence – 7 Quick ways to gain confidence


If you lack in self-confidence you are residing in a shell of shyness, fear and self-created mis-notion which chains your true potential. Be strong enough, believe in your potential and apply an outward force to break this shell. Come out of it to start a new journey of your life, be the change you want to see in this world. It will lead you to the path of wonderful success. But for all this, you first have to work on how to build confidence in life.

Building self-confidence is the most important pillar of your personality. In deed, how to build confidence is a billion dollar question in the field of personality development. It makes you stronger and attractive. You can prove yourself an iron man/iron lady if you have confidence of your own potential. It is the foremost thing you need to hike on the mountains of success.

7 Quick ways on how to gain confidence:

Following tips and tricks will help you boost up self-confidence.

1. Accept yourself:  

Nothing in this world is perfect. Same is true with you. Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. Make a habit to accept yourself with all your shortcomings and strengths. Never try to prove yourself ideal. It will give you maximum space for improvement.

2. Create your own philosophy of life: 

We are born with different traits. Trace your potential, get it polished and be happy with it. Never get it impressed by others live with your own philosophy of life. Focus on your strengths rather than regretting over your gaps.

3. Apply self-visualization technique:  

Visualize yourself doing wonderful things of your dream in future. It will enhance your performance. Philosophy behind this technique is our sub conscious mind cannot differentiate between reality and imagination. So imagination produces same results as things happened in reality. This technique will boost your self-confidence up to the mark.

4. Treat yourself like a king:

If you want yourself be respected by others, first give respect to yourself. Nobody will love you if you do not love yourself. So treat yourself like a king, give yourself enough time to celebrate your success so that you may achieve greater success in coming days. It will uplift your personality and help you a lot on the way how to build confidence to get maximum out of your life.

5. Improve your emotional control:

Self-control is the key to self-confidence when you are emotionally unstable and weak any one can exploit the situation. So improving your emotional control will make you a well-grounded personality. It will help you jump to the next level of confidence.

6. Develop your personality:

Work on your outer as well as inner personality. Strike a balance between over estimation and under estimation as both are extremes which lead you to personality complexes. Listen to the voice of conscience so that you may do exact self-analysis of your personality. In this way you will feel yourself uplifted and improved. Developing personality is the best way on how to build confidence and get whatever you want in your life. It will give you new hope of life.

7. Avoid negative thinking: 

80% of people around us are negative in thinking and approach. They emit negative energy and suck positive one to make their environment overall negative. Avoid the friendship of these people and get yourself associated with positive thinkers. For this, you first need to be positive all the way so that people with positive mind may gather around you. It will boost up your positive energy of life which is a key to self-confidence improvement.


Improve your confidence level to prove yourself strong enough otherwise your personality will shatter, your true potential will go down, you will feel numbness and nervousness whenever you will have to play the most important innings of your life.


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