Learn to unlearn and relearn

learn to unlearn and relearn

Learning is a continuous and lifelong process. However its speed is higher at initial stages of life and goes on dwindling with the passage of time, almost stops at latter stages of life. Our success rate and wisdom level is closely related to how much fast we learn and how long we keep on learning.

So punch line is, learning is life. Life ends where learning stops.

One natural question that touches the fringes of mind is why we learn speedily at initial stages of life and what are the barriers to learning in old-age. Finding answer to this question will accelerate our learning process through-out our life.

Our mind is just like a blank slate. It’s we who are to write on it. And what we write, matters a lot. At the early stages of life, its absorption power is maximum due to its emptiness. So learning is fast. What we learn is carved on this slate. As we keep on learning, it leaves less space to learn more. So learning goes down with the passage of time as absorption power of mind goes on decreasing.

Another aspect is, learning depends upon what we have already learnt. If we have learnt unnecessary details and unimportant content it makes our mind cluttered and hinders further learning. So question is how to get our mind uncluttered to increase absorption power of it.

Answer to this question is, if we learn how to unlearn, it will be a big deal for us. It will help us to get our mind uncluttered, increase absorption power of mind and accelerate our learning process. So unlearning is actually a methodology how to accelerate learning and relearning outcomes.

Advantages of unlearning

  • Mind becomes uncluttered and afresh.
  • It accelerates learning and relearning.
  • It makes mind relaxed and big ideas come when mind is fully relaxed and peaceful.
  • It promotes innovation.
  • It increases the chances of more focus on fundamental principles rather than less important details.
  • It makes learning joyful and self-controlled activity.

Techniques to unlearn

Following tips and tricks will help you unlearn the unwanted and less important things and habits. These methods can also be applied to enhance the learning and relearning outcomes.

1. Let the nature play its role

Naturally, our mind picks some important points and ideas out of what we learn on daily basis. All the other unimportant and unnecessary details vanish with the passage of time. It is a good thing. So never be depressed over forgotten things. They are actually part of your sub conscious mind and will remain always with you. You just keep on learning new things. So our mind naturally, unlearn the less important things and details.

2. Apply concentration method

Fundamental principle of concentration method is the application of visualization and imagination which are highly effective in unlearning to maximize the learning outcomes. Sit in a corner for 5 to 10 minutes. Recall the main points of a project you are working on.

Concentrate these points for two minutes. Now close your eyes and feel your mind as a blank slate. Delete unnecessary and unimportant details. Rewrite main points on this slate and feel relaxed. It will help you a lot. All this is done in imagination but it works in real world.

3. Be flexible in nature

Learning becomes joyful if you are flexible in nature. Focus only on main points. Never write down the unnecessary details of any thing. Your target should be key points only. Apply out of the box thinking approach and try new things. It will help you unlearn the less important things and ideas. In this way you can speed up your learning process.



Learning is important but how to learn is much more important. Unlearning is one of the best method to accelerate learning process. It also gives us a chance to relearn the learnt things and ideas in a new way.



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