How to improve vocabulary


Note: Learning English vocabulary is a fun by Global Intelligentsia. Solve Global English vocabulary test to improve you vocabulary in a fun way.

Vocabulary plays the most important role in your final selection in admission tests of universities and colleges. So strong vocabulary means you have maximum chances to get admission in top ranking university or college. After completion of education your utmost desire is to get best job through cut-throat competition. Vocabulary, once again, plays a bigger role in the selection of job you have been dreaming of.


Types of vocabulary

There are two types of vocabulary (A) passive vocabulary (B) active vocabulary. When you strike a new word first time it enters into your subconscious mind and becomes a part of your passive vocabulary. It is irretrievable. When you strike a word again and again that is already present in your subconscious mind, it jumps to your conscious mind and becomes part of your active vocabulary. It is retrievable.

Techniques to improve vocabulary

Following tips and tricks will help you improve vocabulary.

1. Reading

Read, read and keep on reading is the best way to improve vocabulary. Do extensive as well as intensive reading to strike with maximum words. Make a habit to underline or highlight the word new for you and try to extract the contextual meaning of that word. Don’t try to memorize the list of words available in many books as words are saved in mind with context. If a word is making no sense instead of having read many times then consult a dictionary to know its meanings.

2. Flash cards activity

Select difficult words while reading, at least 10 a day and write them down on flash cards. Keep on making flash cards and put those cards on your reading table. Now read the words and relate these words to the context you have read. It will improve your power of imagination which is the key to unlock your mind. Try to select different colors for different cards.

3. Online vocabulary test

Assessment is the necessary part of learning. It evaluates your progress and makes you informed with loopholes and missing links so that you may fill the gaps in coming days. Same is true when you are improving your vocabulary. Attempt online vocabulary tests. For this purpose, move from easy to difficult tests to optimize the learning outcomes.

4. Association techniques

When you strike a new word, try to associate it with the words already present in your active vocabulary. It will generate a new pool of words linking to each other. For example, you can associate “water” with its physical properties like liquidity, color, taste and temperature. Colors of fruits, birds and vegetables can be associated with one another to improve active vocabulary. Association technique is specially applied to shift the words from passive vocabulary to active one.

5. Playing ping-pong with words

Just like ping-pong you can play with words. Put a list of words in front of you. Read a word from the list and think a different word with respect to meanings and structure. For example, you read word “white” from your list, think what is opposite of it. Your answer will be “black”. For optimum results you can write it down. Move to another word and keep on playing this game. It will enhance your vocabulary with greater speed. You can play this game with synonyms, antonyms, rhyming words and those starting with the same letter like cat, cows and crow.


Vocabulary building is not an easy job. You need a lot of motivation and perseverance to build a strong vocabulary. When you apply all the above techniques for a long time it will give you lifelong results. In this way you can translate your dream into reality by the dint of strong vocabulary.



  1. Vocabulary building is the most difficult job for non-English speakers. However tips suggested by global intelligentsia are mostly helpful to enhance vocabulary in a fun-way.


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