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1: Please be at the place where you can concentrate easily.
2: Be honest with yourself and avoid using calculator or any reference material.
3: Think as fast as you can while solving mind puzzles.

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Weight of A+B = 90 Kg and B+C =100 Kg. Which one of the following statements is true.

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Which one is out of order.

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Choose the pair with opposite meanings.

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2 years before, father’s age was 6 times greater than his son. 4 years before, his son was 4 years old. What is the latest age of father?

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A shopping mall opens at quarter past 7 O’clock early in the morning and closes at sharp 10:30 pm. How much time you can shop from it.

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Synonym of “Harmonious” is

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20% of what is 10

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Select your age group.

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Two times of 20 plus 20 is

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Which word has meaning similar to the word “Addiction”.

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When -14 is added to +8, the resultant is

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10 years old daughter will be 1/3 of her mother’s age after 2 years. What is the current age of her mother?

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3rd position holder is also the 3rd last student in the class who passed the exam. How many students passed the exam?

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Choose the odd group.

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If A= 2B, B= 3C and C= 4D then 6C plus 24D are equal to

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Would that I ____ a king.

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Mass of an empty basket is one and half Kg. When these baskets are filled with oranges, mass of 10 baskets is 90 Kg. What is the mass of oranges in one basket?

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Seven students A, B, C, D, E, F and G are living in a single room. They sleep on the following conditions.

ⅰ) A sleeps when D and F sleep.

ⅱ) F sleeps only when B sleeps.

ⅲ) E sleeps when C and G both sleep.

ⅳ) C and G sleep when D sleeps.

ⅴ) D sleeps when F sleeps.

Which one should sleep first so that all the students could sleep.

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When 5 is multiplied with 5% of 50, the resultant is

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50% of what, when added to 20, results into more than 50 and less than 60.

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Find the next in the series

E G J N ?

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“Don’t cry over spilt milk”. This idiom is used within the context of

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Vision is to mission as

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A is 10 times greater than B. Half of C and double of D are equal to B. What is the value of C and D when value of A is 100.

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When 10 is multiplied with 10% of 10, the resultant figure is

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How many times zero comes when we write from 1 to 100.

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The closest meaning of “Hybrid” is

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What is missing in the series

81, 64, ?, 36, 25

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Average of three unknown digits is 32. What is 50% of their sum?

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10% of 20% of 20 is

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When width and length of a rectangle are doubled, its area increases

The IQ test score is obtained by dividing a person’s mental age score, obtained from a standard IQ test, by chronological age. Both mental age and chronological age are expressed in terms of years and months. When the resulting fraction (quotient) of a person is multiplied by 100, we get that person’s IQ score. In this way, the formula of IQ score is written as under:

IQ = (Mental Age/Chronological Age) * 100

The mean and average IQ test score is 100. The two-thirds population of the world has an IQ score between 85 and 115. Only 3% of the population scores above 130. If you have an IQ test score of more than 130, you are among above 3% lucky persons who are called gifted persons. Take our IQ test online to know your IQ score.

Global IQ Test By Level

90 Degree IQ Test

  • Easy to solve single dimension iq questions
  • Involve only one-fourth of your mind
  • Recommend for kids, slow-learners and relatively low qualified people
  • 180 Degree IQ Test

  • Double-dimensional logical questions
  • Demand half of your mental potential
  • Suitable for intelligent children, college students and adults of average mentality
  • 270 Degree IQ Test

  • Challenge your mind with double-logic questions to think in 3-dimensions
  • Put almost 75% of your geniusity
  • Suggested for genius students, university graduates and highly qualified adults
  • 360 Degree IQ Test

  • Compel your mind to think into the 4-th dimension
  • Challenge the genius inside you as a whole to be involved 100%
  • Recommend for only super-genius minds, mind-shakers and those who want to boost out-of-the-box thinking
  • What is the Intelligence Quotient Test?

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