About Us

Global Intelligentsia is a worldwide network of global thinkers, intellectuals, analysts, writers and educationists who want to change this world with the power of positivity, open-mindedness and innovative ideas. You can find here motivational interviews, interesting life stories and comprehensive articles of top intellectuals across the globe. This platform has been created to provide best leadership in all walks of life. You have an opportunity to get your article published here. For this visit our terms and conditions.


Let us change the world by promoting genius minds across the globe.


Mission of global intelligentsia can best be described in following lines.
  • Life is all about how we perceive it. Global Intelligentsia is working on how to change your perception about your-self. For this we are using mind changing tools to make your life better. So our slogan is
Change your mind, change your life
  • We promote intelligent and genius writers to flourish their ideas so that they may contribute the maximum to the well-being of humanity.
  • We promote open-mindedness and innovative ideas to reshape the future of humanity in the best way.

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