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Secret of good health lies in balanced diet, regular exercise and proper sleep.

Colors of life are meaningful only when we are healthy. Our life becomes more precious when we read the feelings of a rich man of our society who is suffering from a serious disease, doing nothing except waiting for death angel. Study of different societies convinces us that a society becomes more progressive and dynamic when the members of that society are healthy. So, there is a strong relation between health and wealth.

A healthy student performs far better as compared to a student with weak stature and physique as a healthy body has a healthy mind. Medical science has progressed many folds in terms of medicines, advancements and facilities but modern man is more depressed, tense and with upset feelings. So, global thinkers take health issues as a serious concern of the modern history. Following 3 key areas are suggested to work in to make an overall design for health improvement.

1. Balanced diet

One of the most important factors contributing to our health is diet. Balanced diet is defined as “A diet full of all the necessary components required by our body to grow well.” If these components are in a required proportion, our diet is balanced. So, we should include following items in our diet to make it balanced one.

  • Milk and dairy products.
  • Meat (white and red).
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Natural drinks like water and fresh juices.

2. Regular exercise

Balanced diet provides us all the necessary components required for good a health. Exercise makes those components part of our body. Exercise has following good impacts on our health.

  • Exercise boosts up our metabolism.
  • It helps in chiseling and cutting of our body. So, a well shaped body is impossible without regular exercise.
  • Exercise makes our blood circulation proper and balanced which is helpful in the distribution of necessary components like vitamins and minerals.

3. Proper sleep

Our body needs relaxation to complete its circadian cycle. It is very natural way to get our body muscles relaxed. This muscle relaxation helps our body to work at optimum level which is the key to good health. So give importance to your sleeping plan. A proper sleeping plan is:-

  • Sleep 6-8 hours daily.
  • Sleep as early as possible at night time.
  • Try to take a deep-sleep.
  • Switch off lights before going to bed.


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