Global English Vocabulary Test

Global English Vocabulary Test is the globally well-known vocabulary test series prepared by Global Intelligentsia.

Global English Grammar Test

Global English Grammar Test is the series of English grammar tests prepared by Global Intelligentsia.

Global English Phraseology Test

Global English phraseology Test is to judge your understanding of English phrasal verbs and idioms.

Global English Comprehension Test

Global English Comprehension Test has been specially designed by Global Intelligentsia to improve your comprehension skill in a tricky way.

Global English Composition Test

English composition tests are to improve descriptive writing skills while you are going to improve your English at every level.

What is Global English-Genius Test

English has become a linguee franca. It is the most widely used language across the globe. University graduates proficient in English are getting more lucrative jobs in global job-market as compared to those who are not proficient in English.
Internet has accelerated the importance of English as a communication medium many folds. With open source opportunities of learning via internet, people who are English proficient have greater chances to learn innovative ideas and out-of-the-box thinking as they have always access to world-class literature of any field. In short, English plays the most vital role in student’s academic performance as well as while hunting their dream job. But learning English as a second language and being proficient in English communication is not an easy job.
But, no need to worry! Global English-genius test by Global Intelligentsia has made it easy for you to improve English in an easy and fun-way tricky method and be proficient in English.
Global English-genius test consists of 5 sub series as under
1. Global English vocabulary test
2. Global English grammar test
3. Global English phraseology test
4. Global English comprehension test
5. Global English composition test
Every series will help you improve relevant field of English. In this way when you improve in all 5 areas you become an English genius. This English proficiency will always support you enough to stay prominent in every walk of life. It will give you a new confidence of life.
Online MCQs test of Global English vocabulary, grammar, phraseology and comprehension will uplift your understanding towards English language. It will boost your comprehension skills gradually. Global English composition test will give you chance to apply comprehension skills to create new ideas in your desired language.
In this way, you gradually feel easy in English while communicating at different forums. We recommend you to solve all tests in all series step by step to become an English-genius who feels convenient while communicating in English. In this way, you can multiply your chances of success in all walks of life.

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