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Global math-genius test is the world most popular general math test series. There are three different levels i-e Basic, Medium and Advanced to measure and enhance your mathematical skills at 90°, 180° and 360° respectively. Taking keen interest in Global math-genius test and solving all tests in the series will definitely make a mathematical genius. However, you feel free to select the level which suits you the best and take our online Global Math-genius Test right now.

90 Degree Math Genius Test

90° Global Math-genius test is the basic level of the world most popular Global Math-genius test designed by Global Intelligentsia.

180 Degree Math Genius Test

180 ° Global Math-genius Test is the 2nd level series of Global Math-genius Test. In terms of difficulty this is medium level.

360 Degree Math Genius Test

360° Global Math-genius Test is most advanced level of globally known Global Math-genius Test designed by Global Intelligentsia.

What is Global Math Genius Test?

Global Math-genius Test by Global Intelligentsia is a series of world most tricky mathematical tests to measure and boost your general math skills in daily life.

These mathematical tests are provided online free of cost to help students around the world and job-seekers in finding their dream-job. Three different levels of this series, based on difficulty, make it tricky, prominent, popular and easy to engage. Advanced level will shake your mind at 360°. This level is recommended for only genius minds.

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