Depression : Biological and Psychological reasons and remedies


In this age of scientific progress, medical science seems helpless in confronting depression. According to a survey conducted in USA, one out of five college going students is facing depression. This is the tip of iceberg. Major cause behind increasing suicide rates across the globe is depression.

Analysis of current data and application of far-seeing approach convince us that depression is the 21st century’s biggest problem human race is facing. This article covers major reasons and applicable remedies for depression.

Reasons of depression

Depression is a complicated mental problem. Sadness, self-loathing, sense of deprivation, negative feelings, purposelessness, lack of energy, motivation and concentration and dispersed thought pattern are the common symptoms of depression. Its reasons are biological and psychological in nature.

A. Biological reasons of depression

  • Hormonal imbalance is the biggest biological reason of depression. Some hormones like Endorphins work as feel good chemicals. So lack of these hormones causes depression.
  • In some cases depression is the inherited trait.
  • Intake of imbalanced diet results into depression. Highly processed and junk food promotes feel ill chemicals in the body.
  • Female are more prone to depression as compared to male.
  • High level of caffeine and alcohol in blood boosts up energy for the time being. But use of this stuff for a long time causes depression.
  • People with narrow blood vessels are more vulnerable to depression.
  • Improper blood circulation in peripheries like head, hands and feet causes depression.

B. Psychological reasons of depression

  • Unfulfilled dreams and expectations result into depression.
  • Self-loathing and continuous negative feelings drag you towards the valley of depression.
  • Socially disconnected persons are more prone to depression.
  • Disturbed family relations and hurted-hearts may result into deep depression.
  • People with bipolar disorder are more vulnerable to depression.
  • Improper sleep causes depression.
  • Mentally weak persons have greater chances to face depression.

Remedies for depression

Fundamental principle to confront depression is to reverse the factors causing it. Following are the natural remedies for depression.

1. Do regular exercise

Exercise produces feel good chemicals like Endorphins. These chemicals change the bio chemistry of brain in the way to feel good. Regular exercise increases number of mitochondria in our cells. These mitochondria work as powerhouse of the cells and boost up energy production in our body. This energy helps in fighting against depression.

2. Take balanced diet

Taking balanced diet is the way to fight depression. Omega-3 fatty acids based diet like fish work as anti-depressants. Avoid caffeine and alcohol based products. Simple and natural food should be preferred over highly processed and complicated food.

3. Have proper sleep

Having proper sleep is the natural way to come out of the situation of depression. It is the time of natural healing and physical renovation. During sleep, feel ill chemicals change into feel good chemicals. Deep and regular sleeping patterns unwind our mind naturally to convert negative energy into positive one which helps in fighting against depression.

4. Enjoy socialization


Socially disconnected and half-hearted people are more prone to depression. Rectifying the relation with soul mate and other relatives will help you uplift your feelings. Find a child inside you and let him doing fun with others. It will increase your dopamine level. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that causes pleasure, enjoyment and motivation. Enjoy dinner with siblings and friends.

5. Improve self-image


Negative feelings, self-loathing and sense of deprivation are the main psychological reasons behind depression. Improve your self-image and self-perception to confront depression. You are outcome of your thoughts. Go against the thoughts which promote negative feelings in you. Be strong enough to accept your reality and work on your personality. It will help you improve your self-image.

6. Enhance mental strength


Mentally weak persons are more vulnerable to depression. So enhancing mental power will help you normalize the situation. 24 hours psychological bombardment by digital and social media is injecting depression into society. Don’t bother over the listening of upsetting news and try to feel liberated and lightened.

It helps you improve your mental strength. Make your intentions stronger and stronger so that you may avoid negative energy roaming around you. Mentally strong people can resist against depression even in the most depressive environment.

7. Practice meditation


Meditation works as natural anti-depressant. It improves soothing effect of mind. Practicing meditation is the best way to unwind your mind to purge negative feelings and energies. Meditation produces a spiritual magnet around you which protects you from all types of negativities. It helps you improve your physical and mental strength. So practice meditation to improve self-image and fight against depression.



The biggest problem human race is facing in 21st century is depression. It is the death knell for humanity. Its solution lies in neutralizing factors causing it. Above mentioned remedies will help you fight against depression. If you have no symptoms of depression, you can even then adopt these remedies as preventive measurements. It will help you boost up your personality.


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