Time management skills


Time management is the conscious control over time to complete a task within said time. It is a skill to improve productivity, effectiveness and efficiency.

Improving time management skills means you are improving your productivity, effectiveness and efficiency which are key factors in target achievements. So, time management skills increase your chances of success. Below are the tips and tricks to improve your time management skills.

Plan your activities

Planning is the fundamental and foremost thing required for time management. Without planning you have a lot of disorganized and disarranged activities, leading you nowhere. The situation becomes panic and stressful which causes mental disorder. Prioritize your activities so that you may follow a track in order to reach your end point within time. Give more focus to core activities. You can make a to-do list for quick decisions.

Apply futuristic approach

Time management is done to achieve the future goals of your life and organization. Analyze the future events directly or indirectly linked to your goal so that you may best understand modern trends to synchronize every activity with your goal.

Improve your time efficiency

Time is same for all of us regardless our socio-economic status, race, religion and age. So time can never be managed, it is actually we who manage ourselves, our resources and activities to follow the time-line. So, main target to improve time management skills, is to improve your time efficiency. Following tips will help you improve your time efficiency.

  • Focus your core activities to make effective use of time.
  • Improve your potential to manage the things quickly.
  • Follow the 80-20 rule also called Pareto principle. According to this principle 80% results come from 20% inputs and vice versa. So be smart in your approach. Follow the nature

Follow the nature

Nature is the best teacher to guide us how to improve time management skills. Take the examples of moon, stars and sun, all are punctual and never deviate from the laws of nature. Same is true for all of us. Stand as close to nature as possible. Do maximum work in day time so that you may take a deep and proper sleep at night. It keeps a balance in your hormonal system and circadian cycle. All these things make you more efficient.

Avoid time killers

All those activities which make us less productive and have no direct link to our goal are called time killers. Excessive use of social media, bad habits and purposeless gossips are some examples of time killers. Avoid all these things to manage your time better.

Audit your time

Time is money. So there should be audit of time to fill the gaps. Draw a check-list to calculate your time value. If your time-value is increasing with the passage of time you are moving on right path. If your time-value is decreasing, you need to rectify your time management skills. You can divide your time into stages and chunks so that you may calculate your time-value of one hour, one day, one month, one year and so on.


Initially time management was used in only business sector but nowadays it is, equally used in broader spectrum ranging from personal management to public management and school education to international organizations. So improve your time management skills to improve your productivity, effectiveness and efficiency.



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