What is the role of friends in our life

role of friends in life
Portrait Of Male High School Student Friends Standing Outside School Buildings

A man is known by the company he keeps. Friends play the most important role in our life ranging from personality development to future planning. This role may be constructive as well as destructive. Our ultimate fate is decided by the role played by our friends. So be conscious and very curious about the selection of your friends especially, when you are passing through early stages of life as you have a long future to go.

Man is a social animal. He is partially destined by nature and predominantly designed by nurture. Our friends are the main contributors of this nurture-portion. So we are the average of our top 10 friends. Psychologically peer learning is very important as maximum sharing of ideas and views multiply the outcomes of learning.

For a moment, peep into your past when you were school going boys/girls. Think of your friends and friendship circles within your class. You see you were nearly equivalent to your friends in terms of grading and mental potential and same was true about other groups of friends.

Come out of this imagination. Draw a list of your class fellows who were very close to you when you were student and are still within your friendship circle. Compare your current status with these friends. You are almost enjoying the same socio-economic status. Same is true with your other class fellows or groups. How this happened. Let me explain it.

Our life is the outcome of our thoughts. Our thoughts are the outcome of our mindset. Our mindset is the outcome of our learning. We learn maximum from our friends. In this way our friends play the most important role in changing our life. So changing your friends means you are changing your life. If your children are school going and you have big dreams for them. You make them learnt how to choose friends. It will be a big leap towards their successful future.

If you are not happy with your life. You think luck is not favouring you. You feel caught up in negative feelings. You have regression over your past, fear of your future and have no control over your present and above all the word “success” is still meaningless in your life. Don’t be disgusted, get rid of your sadness. You can taste the fruit of success. You just need to be ready for change. A great revolution is knocking at your door. You need to be bold, mentally strong enough and forward looker. You need to reinvent yourself.

All this is possible only when you rethink of your friends. Draw a list of your friends who have played destructive role in your life. Get rid of these friends. Delete their names in your contact list. Be strong and bold enough to delete the memories related to these friends. Think they were your enemies rather than friends and you have left these enemies. Never give this decision a second thought. Look forward. Make new friends of your choice. Be very choosy and sensitive in this domain. If they are constructive, it’s ok, otherwise replace them. It will change you from toes to head.

You will observe a mega change in your thought pattern, mindset, feelings, emotions and habits. A great revolution will be knocking at your door. The word “success” will be materialized in your life. A new chapter of your life will be opened. Hence change your friends, change your life.


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