Seven secrets of success

seven secrets of success

Success is a science, if you have the conditions, you get the result.

Oscar Wilde

Success is a relative term. Its definition varies from man to man and from one stratum to another stratum of society. However one thing that is crystal clear is that we all want to become successful in our lives. Before going to unlock the secrets of success we must know the general definition of success.

In general terms if we achieve the targets of our lives we are declared to be successful. So success is parallel to target achievement. As we have different targets in life so the meanings of success differ. Our strategy to get success revolves around target achievement.

It is an easy and step by step formula which consists of seven secrets of success. If you apply all these secrets of success in your life we guarantee you will see a remarkable change in your life. These seven secrets are as under:-

1. Vision: Visualize your target

The first secret of success is to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve in your life. After having clear visualization of your target, all your efforts and energies start moving towards a specific direction. For example, you want to become a best swimmer in the world, have clear vision of it. Visualize yourself as the champion of the world.

Visualize yourself swimming in pools, rivers, seas and oceans. Stop the voices entering from the back door of your mind that oppose your dream. In this way you can easily achieve your target. Vision is the most important thing in our life to be successful.

2. Direction: Find way to your target

The 2nd secret of success is to find the way to your target. If you have clear vision of your target you see many alternative paths leading to that vision. Choose one of them which suits your socio-economic position, time-span and your personality. Draw a roadmap which helps you reach your destination. The way you choose to achieve your target should be very clear, the most feasible and economic in approach.

3. Confidence: Believe in you can achieve your target

A strong positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success.

Joyce Brothers

The 3rd secret of success is to have confidence that you can achieve your target of life. It is the first and foremost thing to do anything in the world. Without gaining confidence your personality shatters, your performance level comes down and you can’t do whatever you aim in life. On the other hand confidence makes your personality stronger and attractive which is a key to success. So improve your confidence level in order to maximize the chances of success.

4. Dedication:  Move inch by inch towards your target

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.

Alexander Graham Bell

The fourth secret of success is to believe in actions not in words. Every successful man has an interesting story of actions and long-effort. So success is conditioned with effort. You must believe in hardworking and determination. Create a plan of actions to achieve your target. Do not wait for tomorrow, do the things at right time. It will gradually move you inch by inch towards your target.

5. Leadership: Manage obstacles on the way to your target

The 5th secret of success is to show leadership spirit which is the core factor of success. Leaders know how to manage the obstacles and barriers on their way to success. They put efforts at gravitational point to optimize their results. Leaders think success, not failure. The word “Impossible” is not in their dictionaries. So be the leader not follower. It will put you on top-slots of success and a wonderful world will be waiting for you. Here Brue Lee is right to say

“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.”

6. Motivation: Be passionate about your target

The 6th secret of success is to keep yourself motivated. Motivation changes the negative energies into positive, limitations into opportunities and impossibilities into possibilities. In this way motivation plays central role in our success. All the successful men of history were self-motivated and passionate about their target. So keep yourself motivated all the way. Do the things which keep you intrinsically motivated.

7. Perseverance: Hit your target again and again until it is achieved

The seventh and last but not least secret of success is to be persistent and committed. Success is a marathon, not a sprint. So never give up your effort as winners never quit and quitters never win. You need to hit your target again and again until it is achieved. This is what all the successful people do.


Success is a marathon which starts from visualization of your target and ends where your imagination changes into reality. This is our seven secrets formula of success.



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