Soul Food : Meaning, definition and simple recipes for your spiritual health


Soul is just like fragrance coming out of flowers, electric current passing through a wire and spark rising from a burning wooden piece.

We are the combination of body, mind and soul. Soul is the most important component of our personality. But we mostly ignore it. That’s why our soul is becoming meek and weak. This weak soul is causing spiritual diseases which are more dangerous than physical diseases. In this article we are introducing soup for soul (Diet for Soul) to make it healthy and stronger. It is the process of soul searching and soul feeding.

Ingredients of soup for soul

Soul is the immaterialistic part of our personality, so is the soup for soul. Hence all the components of this soup are immaterialistic in nature. A commentary over these ingredients is as under:-

  1. Self-purification

Self-purification is the most important ingredient of soup for soul. It includes physical and mental purification which lead to spiritual purification. Physical purification can be achieved by keeping your body neat and clean, eating pure and natural stuff.

Mental purification includes our thoughts, intentions and desires. Avoid negative attitude to get mental purification. All these things will make your soul healthy and pure. You will feel ultra-peace of mind which will grow your soul stronger. It will boost up your physical, mental and spiritual fitness.

2. Human services:

Man is a social animal. Do good, have good is the logic behind happiness. Life is all about how we feel it. If our feelings are strong and positive we are happy and if the case is otherwise we feel upset.

Ultimate source of our feelings is our soul. Our soul remains happy if we extend our services for humanity. It is the path of self-actualization. We can serve the needy people around us. So extend your services to humanity to feed your soul better.

3. Good deeds

We are living between hell and heaven. We will be ultimately destined to the position as per our deeds. Good deeds guarantee the satisfaction of our conscience and feed our soul properly. So draw a line between right and wrong. Do the right things at right time, otherwise your soul will feel hunger and thirst.

4. Positive attitude

Our thought-pattern, behavior, attitude and approach towards life affect our soul a lot. All the negative things are energy suckers. Positive things generate energy. If we show positive attitude we shall generate positive energy of life. It will make our soul stronger and stronger. Don’t be greedy in life.

Adopt immaterialistic approach to cut down the flow of negative energy through your mind due to materialistic approach in life. It will make your soul peaceful, stronger and healthy.


These are the common ingredients of soup for soul. Take this soup sip by sip to grow your soul stronger and healthy. You can also add some other ingredients to this soup to make it as per your taste, favourite flavour and choice. Enjoy this soup for your soul.



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