Global Genius Award is an online competition among talented people across the globe. This Award is conducted online by Global Intelligentsia. Members of Global Genius Forum can participate in this competition. Participants have to take Global Genius Test designed by Global Intelligentsia.

Vision & Mission

Global Genius Award is a part of talent hunting programme of Global Intelligentsia. Purpose of this Award is to promote genius minds across the globe. Global Intelligentsia aims to uplift talented people through this Award regardless their race, religion, nationality, ethnicity and gender. We welcome all genius minds across the world to participate and win Global Genius Award.Â

Prizes For Winners

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. Members of Global Genius Forum can participate in Global Genius Award.
  2. Different eligibility criteria will be announced every time when Global Genius Award will be conducted. Check out your eligibility before going to participate.
  3. You will not use any unfair means to win this award. Global Genius Academy is working on how to make it transparent and fair. For this, you are bound to follow the instructions issued by Global Genius Academy.
  4. If you are declared winner of Global Genius Award. We have right to verify your eligibility. However, after verification you will be confirmed winner of Global Genius Award.
  5. There is no limitation. You can win this award many times

How to Win Global Genius Award

Here are the simple steps how to win Global Genius Award

  1. Join Global Genius Forum
  2. Be active member of Global Genius Forum so that you may remain well-informed about when this award is being conducted.
  3. Test link will be shared in Global Genius Forum. Take test on the said time.
  4. Wait for result and confirmation message from Global Genius Academy.

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