Top 10 Benefits of catharsis


Catharsis means to purge negative energy, pent up feelings and ill-will thoughts trapped within us to feel lightened and liberated. It is the best roadmap to self-actualization and personality development. In this article we shall discuss benefits of catharsis within the realm of human affairs. Top ten benefits of catharsis are as under:-

1) Catharsis works as antidepressant

Children respond to their environment naturally. But as they grow up and become adult they learn how to compromise with their environment. This learnt behavior is the main cause behind upsurging depression in the world. We have two options to unload our depression. Option one is to behave naturally so that we may bounce back all types of negative energies towards people whose actions are unacceptable to our instincts.

This option is unacceptable in real world as it promotes chaotic situation and lawlessness and drives us towards the path of suffering. Option two is to reflect learnt behavior. It is acceptable in real world but loads our neurons every time when we face unwanted situation. When we face such circumstances for a long time our neurons become fully loaded with pent up feelings and negative energies.

It causes depression. Catharsis helps us to unload our neurons into vacuum rather than real world. In this way catharsis works as a natural antidepressant. Catharsis has shown long term benefits while fighting against depression.

2) Catharsis boosts up self confidence

Catharsis is the best roadmap to self-improvement and self-uplifting. Every time when you do catharsis, you feel yourself on the next level of self being and mindfulness. It develops all corners of your personality to boost up self-confidence. All the great leaders of history used catharsis to make their personalities magnetic and charismatic.

3) Catharsis opens the door of wisdom

Wisdom is the lost legacy of humanity. If we find it again it will open new vistas of innovation and progress. Catharsis has shown close connection with wisdom. Wisdom is the application of knowledge and experience in the realm of decision making.

Catharsis improves the feelings of self-liberation and promotes concentration. This LASER like power of concentration helps us in making best decision in our lives. In this way catharsis unlocks the doors of wisdom.

4) Catharsis improves your fitness

Following are the physical benefits of catharsis

  • It improves blood circulation and keeps blood pressure within the normal range.
  • It keeps muscles relaxed and promotes their growth.
  • It increases the level of feel-good chemicals like dopamine which is linked to happiness and fitness.
  • It improves metabolism and functioning of vital organs like heart, brain, liver and spleen.
  • It neutralizes poisons and feel-ill chemicals within our body.

Hence catharsis is the best technique to improve your fitness and boost up your immune system.

5) Catharsis unlocks the power of mind

Trapped negative energy and ill-will feelings disturb your inner. Catharsis reverses it and makes your mind ultra-peaceful. It improves brain-mind connection and sends voluntary impulses to sub conscious mind which helps you unlock the power of mind and to tap its full potential. In this way catharsis causes brain-mind improvement.

6) Catharsis improves power of imagination

How much futuristic approach one can apply depends upon ones power of imagination. Studies have shown close relation between ones intelligence level and power of imagination. Imagination is the single key to all locks.

So, increasing power of imagination shifts you on the next level of intelligence. Every time when you do catharsis it improves your neural connectivity which helps you visualize your future. Visualization is the gateway to imagination. So catharsis improves power of imagination.

7) Catharsis makes your skin beautiful and glowing

One of benefits of catharsis is it leaves good impression on your skin. Secret of beautiful and glowing skin lies in peace of mind and self-management. Catharsis gives you both. It works as natural anti-aging and anti-wrinkle cream.

That’s why beauticians recommend their customers catharsis. Every time when you perform catharsis it makes your neurons flexible and relaxed. It helps you decrease roughness and wrinkles of your skin. Purging of negative energy makes your skin ultra-shining.

8) Catharsis maximizes your potential

Your over all potential is the mathematical average of physical, mental and spiritual potential.

  • Physical potential depends upon muscles growth and the strength of your bones. Catharsis promotes the both.
  • Mental potential depends upon neural connectivity and inter-neural communication. Negative energy and upset feelings make neurons over loaded and stiff. It disturbs inter neural communication.

Catharsis opens these channels of inter neural communication and promotes strong neural connectivity. So catharsis increases mental potential.

  • Spiritual potential depends upon the power of imagination. Catharsis is one of the best

Catharsis uplifts you in all dimensions i.e. physical, mental and spiritual. Hence catharsis is the best key to maximize your potential.

9) Catharsis makes you a great leader

One of the benefits of catharsis is it transforms your personality in such a way that you gradually become a great leader of your time. All the great leaders of history were equipped with the tools of high vision, confidence, clarity of mind, mental strength and decision making power.

All these traits can be learnt with the help of catharsis. Every time when you do catharsis you feel yourself on the next level of mindfulness, self-understanding and self-improvement. It gives you driving force of life and puts you on the path of self-actualization. This journey of self-actualization makes you a great leader.

10) Catharsis unsecrets the secrets of success

One of the great secrets of success is how to manage your-self. Catharsis is the best roadmap to self-understanding. Self-understanding leads you to the path of exploration of universe. Once you start walking on this path of exploration you can change impossible into possible, limitations into opportunities and barriers into bridges.

You can taste true meanings of success by translating your dreams into reality. All this is possible only when you make catharsis your habit. Hence, catharsis unsecrets the secrets of success.


Life is all about how you feel it. Modern man is making progress in terms of materialism but going down within the domain of spiritualism. That’s why modern man is facing depression. This depression is increasing with the passage of time. These pent up feelings can be reversed by applying catharsis as it expels negative energy out to let the positive energy come in. This is the way modern man can understand true meaning of life and feel better.


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