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General knowledge is a must-part of all entrance and as well as competitive exams. It plays a fundamental role while you are facing an interview panel for your dream-job. So in modern age, improving general knowledge about the world around you, is a leading trend for excellent performance both at academic level and recruitment center. Online resources available on internet are very much helpful for students while preparing general knowledge. However surfing a reliable, authentic and up to-date source of general knowledge is not an easy job as most of the websites are using un-authorized sources of information. That is why most of the students remain mis-guided in case of general knowledge.

Global Intelligentsia has prepared Global Gk-genius test series for general knowledge preparation. Global Gk-genius test serves aspirants of competitive exams and students with an authentic and reliable source of general knowledge.

Global Gk-genius test are the most popular online free Gk MCQ’s. Take these MCQ’s test to know how much strong you are in general knowledge portion. These tests will help you a lot improve your academic performance and stand prominent on the list of recruitment agency. Our recommended strategy is to take all these tests in a sequence for better preparation.

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