Global Genius Academy is a project of Global Intelligentsia which aims to improve core skills across the globe. In this age of global competition, university graduates are facing difficulties in searching their jobs. Almost 30% of university graduates worldwide are doing odd jobs. Unemployment is no doubt the 21st century biggest problem. One of the main reasons behind job crisis is, educational institutions are awarding academic degrees but are not developing core skills. This problem starts from school level specially in under-developed areas of the world. Global Intelligentsia team is working hard to fill the gap across the globe. Global Genius Academy is a unique, online and free of cost project to enhance core skills so that our youth may compete in global job market to find their dream job.

Vision and Mission

Vision of Global Genius Academy is to promote genius minds across the globe. It helps members of Global Genius Forum to improve core skills and intelligence level. Global Genius Academy prepares Global Genius Test to conduct Global Genius Award.

How to Join Global Genius Academy

Winners of Global Genius Award are eligible for the membership of Global Genius Academy. Senior members of Global Genius Academy conduct interview of Global Genius Award winners. Those who qualify interview are offered memership of Global Genius Academy.

More You can Know

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